Theyyam is one of the most colourful and intense festivals / worship that happens in the northern part of Kerala around Kannur. Its a great experience to witness and photograph the festival.

Theyyam is one of the most unique festivals in India. It is celebrated in the northern part of Kerala around Kannur. At one time, it was a part of almost every household but now limited to few.

This festival offers great photographic opportunities. The timings of the Theyyams can be a little odd. Sometimes we shoot all night and then freshen up for another shoot in the morning. We really have to push our limits in this tour.

Of course, the rewards will be many. You can get some amazing portraits of the theyyam performers while they are getting ready and also during the performance.

Itinerary -

Day 1
Saturday, December 21, 2019
Arrive by afternoon
Day 2
Sunday, December 22, 2019
Shoot and discussion and feedback on pictures
Day 3
Monday, December 23, 2019
Shoot and discussion and feedback on pictures
Day 4
Tuesday, December 24, 2019
Shoot and discussion and feedback on pictures
Day 5
Wednesday, December 25, 2019
Departure by morning

Cost: Rs.22,000/-
Only 6 participants on first come first serve basis.

Cost includes

The cost includes the following:
1) Stay in Kannur (twin sharing) for the above mentioned days.
2) All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) from December 21th afternoon to December 25th morning
3) All transportation to the Theyyam sites.

Cost does not include

1) Your travel cost to / from Kannur.
2) Snacks, Water and other beverages, etc.

PICTURES FROM Theyyam Photo Tour


1. How to reach Kannur? Kannur is well connected by air and train. There are direct flights from Hyderabad and some other cities to Kannur.
2. Is this trip only for Photographers? No, anyone can join. We will spend a lot of time taking some great pictures though. I'm sure everyone loves doing that. We have had non-photographers in our previous trips and they enjoy as much.
3. I have no knowledge on Photography. Will I get some help? Yes, absolutely. Saurabh will be assisting you all the time. He will help you on how to take some great pictures. So, you will learn while having fun on the go.
4. I don't have a camera. Can I get camera or lenses on rent? Yes, Camera / Lenses for Rent in Hyderabad

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