I have been shooting in Hyderabad for more than a decade and here is my list of best places to visit in Hyderabad for Photography. If you are in Hyderabad for only one day, this is what I will suggest. This is from my perspective of photography locations in Hyderabad. I'm sure you will like it.

The itinerary is designed based on the proximity of the places so that you can make the most out of your time. It will be power packed, and you might get exhausted, but this is the best that I can suggest.

If you are a photographer with limited time, my team or me can take you to the offbeat and non-touristy places to make the most out of your tour.

Places to Visit in Hyderabad in One day

Gudimalkapur Flower Market


If you have not seen the vibrant markets of India you have missed something. This is a great place to start your day. You can go there early in the morning and spend an hour from sunrise.

Golkonda fort


Golconda Fort is the oldest Landmark of Hyderabad. From the 14th century it has been ruled by and shaped by kings of different dynasty, the last being, the Qutb Shahi dynasty
Qutab Shahi tombs. The Entity of Hyderabad is because of the Golconda. If you are coming to Hyderabad this is a must visit place.
The best time to go here is in the morning. You might also like to see the Light and Sound show every evening after sunset in English.

Qutab Shahi Tombs


Also known as the Seven Tombs, this is quite close to the Golkonda fort and on the way to the old city. These tombs are grand structures and worth spending some time. They have recently been beautifully restored with great care by the Agha Khan Trust and now don a new look. You will surely love the gentle walk in this largest necropolis. There is also a stepwell (yes, Hyderabad also has its own share of step-wells).

The Nizam's Museum


Though not as grand as the Salar Jung Museum it houses the gifts of the last ruling Nizam of Hyderabad. The most interesting thing to see here is the walk in wardrobe which is the largest in the world.
Another interesting thing about the museum is the silver replica of many landmark buildings of Hyderabad. You can also see here year one of the oldest Elevators in the world which was manually operated.
This Museum is located a distance of about one kilometre from the Charminar.

Chowmahalla Palace


The Chowmahalla palace is one of the most grand palaces in Hyderabad. This palace served as the official of the Nizams for quite some time and is still their property. However, a part of the property is accessible to the visitors. The Khilwat Mubarak at Chowmahalla Palace is a magnificent hall with elaborate chandeliers.

Badshahi Ashurkhana


Hyderabad has a lot of Ashurkhanas (place of maatam of the Shias) and Badshahi Ashurkhana is the most grand of them all.
Build almost during the time of the Charminar, this is a very quite place amid the chaos of the Madina Chowk. Built with blue tiles and precious stones engraved into the walls, it is now declared as a heritage monument.



Charminar has given an identity to Hyderabad. It is the most visited place in Hyderabad. Its not just the building, but the whole environment - the bazaar, the people, the crowd. During the day, you can buy a ticket and go to the top and have a good view of the surroundings. It was built after the city was shifted from Golkonda to the new city.

Mecca Masjid


Adjacent to the Charminar is the Mecca Masjid. The name comes from Mecca, the holiest place for the Muslims as the bricks used for this building was made from the soil brought.

Hussain Sagar Lake - Statue of Buddha in Hyderabad


Right in the heart of the city is the Hussain Sagar lake. Its is located at a place where Hyderabad ends and Secunderabad starts. You can spend an evening watching the Buddha from the banks of the lake or can take a boat to go to the island where the Buddha is installed. There is colorful lighting that changes every moment.

If you are a visitor to Hyderabad from outside India, you will like to go to the local markets, where you can see a lot of activities happening. It's a great opportunity to shoot people.
Gudimalkapur Flower Market
Kothapet Fruit Market
Monda Market

Places to visit in Hyderabad in 2 days

If you are in Hyderabad for another day, I would highly recommend these places.

Paigah Tomb


Though not as huge as the Qutab Shahi tombs, but this is my personal favourite. Located in one of the lens in Santosh Nagar, literally hidden, you have to trust Google Maps to reach here. It is little away from the city but you will not regret coming here. Very intricately carved building with some of the best examples of architecture of Hyderabad. The Paigah family who served the Nizam for generations rests here.

Salarjung Museum


Located at the banks of Musi River, Salarjung Museum is one of the must visit place in Hyderabad. It houses the artefacts collected by the Salar Jung family from all over the world from North America to Japan. The most famous object here is the statue of the Veiled Rebecca. You can spend a whole day here if it interests you.

Jagannath Temple


This is a replica of the Janannath Temple in Puri, Odisha. Hyderabad has a large population from Odisha, mostly people working in the IT industry. This is a great place to spend a morning or an evening. There are gods and goddesses from Indian mythology apart from the main god - Lord Jagannatha.



Shilparamam is located in the heart of hi-tech city. Its a place where you can find handicrafts and other hand made stuff from all over India. Its a great place to pick some gifts from Hyderabad.

Best places to visit in Hyderabad for 3 days

Ramoji Film City


India has one of the biggest film industries in the world. Tollywood and Bollywood is vary popular and this is one of the preferred places for film shoots. Located at a distance of 32 kilometers from Hyderabad.
You can see the sets of some of the popular movies that have made history, including the blockbuster - Babubali.
You can spend almost a day here.

Sudha Car Museum


This is a very unique place. You will see cars of all weird shapes and sizes. Mr. Sudhakar who started the place in 2010 had his name in the Guiness Book of World Records for the world’s largest tricycle. You will see cup-saucer cars to condom cars.

Places to visit in Hyderabad for 4 days

Pochampally Village


If you want to witness rural India, this is a place I will highly recommend.
There is a highway that takes you to the village for most of the way, but I prefer taking the circuitous route through the country-side.
You will cross green fields and innocent village kids in the traditional houses.
Almost everyone in and around the village is into weaving. The Pochampally handloom sarees have gained quite a reputation in the world.

You can spend some time talking to the weavers and photographing the process of making the sarees. You can also purchase something like a stole directly from the weavers.

Taj Falaknuma Palace


If you want to experience and grandeur of the Nizams, you must visit the Falaknuma Palace. Beautifully restored and now being run as a Taj property, this is a place for the elite. You can go there during the evening for high tea. The cost is approximately Rs.4000/- per person and prior appointment is required.

Places To Visit In Hyderabad In Evening

Charminar - Charminar at its best in the evening. Make sure you spend an evening there.
Hussain Sagar Lake - Hussain Sagar lake
Hard Rock Cafe

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Best Places to Eat in Hyderabad


Paradise Restaurant
Hotel Shadab
Cafe Bahar
Shah Ghouse, Tolichowki


Nimrah Cafe and Bakery
Ram Ki Bandi
Chutneys Vegetarian
Minerva Coffee Shop
Taj Mahal Hotel, Flim Nagar

Places to visit in Hyderabad near Hitech city

Phoenix Arena

Best Art Galleries in Hyderabad

If you are an art lover, you might like to visit the best art galleries in Hyderabad.
Kalakriti Art Gallery
Shrishti Art Gallery
Icon Art Gallery

Places To Visit In Hyderabad Near Airport

If you are early to the airport, you can take a small detour and visit the Ammapally temple. You will really thank me for this. Warning: The temple is so beautiful and peaceful that you wish you stayed longer. So, make sure you have about two hours in hand.

More Places to Visit in Hyderabad for Photography HERE!

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