Chhatisgarh is a photographer's paradise. No matter whatever genre of photography you practice, there is enough for everyone.
It is probably one of the most underrated places in terms of tourism and photography.

One of the unique aspects of Chhattisgarh is the variety of tribes you witness. Gond, Dhurvaa, Muria are the primary tribes to name a few.

 I love shooting people and their lifestyles. The simplicity of the life of the tribals really fascinates me and I attempt to capture it in the best possible way.
That is the reason they are so happy and celebrate so much.

With great connectivity by train and flight, Raipur is very accessible and can take you to the heart of the tribal lands in just a few hours.

The most interesting events during any visit to Chhattisgarh are the visits to weekly tribal markets. They are always bustling with activities and it is a great opportunity to meet the locals. People come from the nearby villages, shop, eat and catch up with others. For photographers, it is the best time to capture some flavor of the culture.

The festivals are also very interesting, the most important being Dussehra, which is celebrated not for days but months.

Chhattisgarh is a place where I always feel at home and I love to go back to the places again and again.


Tribals working in the fields during the rainy season near Chitrakoot Waterfall. The kids also help them in these days of heavy workload. Chitrakoot is the widest fall in India one of the most beautiful too.


One of the most unique things to see in Chhattisgarh is the tribal markets. These tribals have a great sense of colour and wear very vibrant clothes.


This is one of the shots from a village near Kodagaon. With mustard fields blooming, it gives great opportunities for photographers.


The tribals are very happy people and it shows up in their faces.


A dance performer just got ready and was the right time to take this shot.


During the dances, the females dress in beautiful sarees with the men wear the headgear of horns. They use these drums and are a great percussionists.


One of the dance performances of the Muria tribes. They are full of energy and provide great opportunities for photographers.


Shooting the lifestyles and the environment of the tribals is very interesting. It gives us an opportunity to witness their simple living.


Two dancers walk up to the dancing area. The play of light and shadows made for a great picture.


As the sun is about to set, a child returns home with his cattle.


We need to learn a lot from the tribals. They have the creativity to create art from ordinary things. In this picture, a Muria tribal around Kondagaon shows his light shade made out of pumpkin skin to a tourist.


A Bhadra tribe near Parali. These are very hard-working people.


A common practice of the ladies to clean the rice and remove the husks every day before the meal is prepared.


A girl child using a skipping rope prepared from dried grass. It's amazing how they have learnt to use things from nature for their use.


A Dhurva tribal boy displays his cock in the weekly market. These markets are very vibrant and bustling with activities. They provide great opportunities for photographers.

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