Numaish exhibition in Hyderabad is one of the most eventful times during the end of the year. it is also known as all India industrial exhibition Nampally exhibition.

During the exhibition, the whole of Hyderabad flocks there, not for buying any stuff but as a ritual. Of course, there are sellers from all across the country who come here and sell their local products. it's a great initiative by the government continued from the Nizam’s times.

Photo walks in Hyderabad

We go there very frequently, almost every weekend for our photo walks. as the place is full of people, it's a great opportunity for us to shoot the people. one of the most interesting things yes to shoot the people, young and old, male or female. everybody comes here with a feeling of enthusiasm.

There are several Gates to enter the exhibition. Despite this, there is always a long queue to enter during the weekend. the crowd is at its peak in the evening.

The most interesting part of the exhibition is Maut Ka Kuan. I had never seen anything like this before. Kuan means well. and Maut means death. so literally Maut Ka Kua means the Well of Death. It looks like a huge well with cars and bikes inside. You can buy a ticket and go to the top and watch the bikers and the cars circle around the inner walls of the well. It is very scary to see this. as the bikers go round and round and reach the top part they take the currency notes from people holding them. The audience shot and scream to encourage the riders. After the bikes, the cars start coming in one after the other. It is a gripping, probably more than a movie.

History of Numaish Exhibition

Numaish also is known as Nampally Exhibition or All India Industrial Exhibition was first organised by Mir Osman Ali Khan, the last Nizam of Hyderabad in the year 1938. It was first started at Public Gardens with 100 stalls and then the venue was shifted to Exhibition Grounds near Nampally railway station.

Sellers from Across India

From all over the country people come and exhibit and display their products at Numaish. Handmade garments from West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh, fruits and handicrafts from Jammu and Kashmir, and other handicrafts from all over India. Apart from these, electronic goods are also displayed at this exhibition. Special stalls are also organized by convicts, ladies of different groups. Many mouth-watering food stalls, games for kids, wall decor stalls, crockery stalls, the entertainment zone, and much more.

Nampally Exhibition Timings

There are three entry gates to the exhibition: Ajanta Gate being the main entrance, Gandhi Bhavan Gate, and Goshamahal Gate. Numaish is considered to be the Worlds Largest Industrial Exhibition with around 2500 stalls with 25-30 Lakh people visiting. It starts in the afternoon from 3 o'clock and goes on up tonight 10.30.

Numaish Exhibition Pictures

Here are some pictures that I had shot during the exhibition. Hope you like them.

Tips for photographers

1. The best time to go is in the evening.
2. A fast lens will be great, like a 35mm or a 50mm 1.8, else your 18-55mm lens.
3. Try to observe the action happening, then decide what to shoot.
4. It can get really crowded during the weekends, but that's when shooting is fun.
5. Ask for permission before you take people's pictures. If they ask, please send them via WhatsApp, they will be really happy.
6. Have fun!


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Thanks for all my students and Photowalk participants for joining me in this walk. You can also join if you wish.

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