The Charminar is definitely one of the must-see places in Hyderabad.In this post, you will find some Charminar images as well as some notes that'll help to make the most of your trip.

I have been photographing the Charminar for more than a decade and I never get tired of shooting it. It's amazing to see the Charminar at different times of the year. I go there almost every week to take visitors to Hyderabad for photo walks in Hyderabad.

So, if you are a visitor to Hyderabad, I can take you to the best places at the right time and make sure that you have a great experience and some awesome pictures.

Every time I go there, I find something that I might not have seen before. There are new opportunities to capture pictures. Sometimes the weather is different, the sky is different. If you are lucky, you will find interesting people. And of course, during the festivals, it looks even more interesting.

Where is Charminar is Located?

Charminar is located at the heart of the old city of Hyderabad, about 19 kilometers from Hitech City.

Best Time of the Year to visit the Charminar

The best time of the year to visit the Charminar is during Ramzan. At night, after Iftaar, people from all over Hyderabad go there and have fun shopping and eating street food. You can feel the festive season.

Best time to visit Charminar

The best time to visit the Charminar is in the evening. The whole place looks very lively and a lot happening here. If you want to see the Charminar with fewer crowds, you can come here in the morning. There will hardly be anybody early morning.

When and Who build Charminar

Charminar was built by Qutb Shahi dynasty ruler Sultan Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah in 1591.

Markets Around Charminar

The Laad Bazar market and Pathergatti are great places to shop Indian dresses. Even if you are not fond of shopping, you will still love the action happening here. It's a great opportunity for photographers.

Charminar Entry Fee and Timings

If you want to enter to the top of Charminar, you will need to pay a fee. Walking around the Charminar is of course free :)

The entry fee for Indians and SAARC nationals, the fee is Rs.20 per person and the fee for foreign nationals is Rs.250/- (about $3)

Places near Charminar to Visit

If you are visiting Charminar and have some time you must also visit the following places-

  • Mecca Masjid
  • Chowmahalla Palace
  • Badshahi Ashurkhana
  • The Nizams Museum
  • Salarjung Museum.

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These are all in 1km distance from the Charminar and can be conveniently reached by walking or by an auto. Charminar to Golkonda fort is around 11 kms

Charminar Bhagyalakshmi Temple

This is a relatively new Temple that has come up at the Charminar. Like any other Hindu temple in India, it sees a lot of crowds, especially during the festivals. you come here during the evening, you can see the Aarti of the Goddess Bhagyalakshmi. Lakshmi is a God of wealth in India and is widely worshipped by the Hindus.


Best Way to Reach Charminar

The fastest and easiest way to reach Charminar is to take the metro. If you take your vehicle, there can be parking issues and you will find it very difficult to navigate the crowd. Also, it will be eco friendly How to reach Charminar by Metro The Charminar metro station is 1 kilometer and can be conveniently reached by taking an auto. You can find the Hyderabad Metro Map here

What is Charminar famous for?

Charminar is famous for the landmark monument. People come from all over the world to see this. Apart from this, the markets around the Charminar are very interesting, even if you are not keen on shopping. There are also a lot of other monuments around the Charminar.

Best Places to eat near Charminar

If you are visiting Charminar, you must have Irani chai (tea) and Osmania biscuits at Nimrah Cafe And Bakery, which is just opposite to the Charminar. If you like to have authentic local biryani, Shadab restaurant opp to Madina building at the end of Patthargatti is very reputed.

Enjoy my Charminar Pictures!

Charminar in Rains

Tips for photographers

The Charminar looks great in the mornings and in the evenings as well. In the morning you get to see the morning light. Also, you can spend some time at the Mecca Masjid which bustles with activities.
In the evening, due to great artificial lighting, it looks good. Also, the Laad Bazaar glitters with the shops of the lac bangles.

It is a good idea to interact with people before you take their pictures. Though, most people will not say NO, it doesn't harm to ask.

I generally love to interact and show the picture I take, to the subjects. It always makes them happy. If I go back again, I carry a print with me and gift it to them. 

You can read about this project of mine HERE

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I definitely need to thank all the people of Hyderabad who have always been very warm and friendly and kind enough to allow me to take their pictures all the time.

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