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Do you want to take AWESOME pictures?

Most people cannot...

They face these common issues.

▶️ The results are different from what you actually see.
▶️ ​Pictures are not sharp in focus
▶️ Bad Lighting
▶️ Wrong Angles and framing
▶️ ​Hardly editing or editing too hard
▶️ ​Your pictures don't have the WOW factor
▶️ ​Lack a purpose or vision

Are you one of them?


+ It's FREE
- Takes time to learn, no deadline, might take years.
- Fragmented, in bits and pieces
- No complete picture / holistic perspective.
- No one to guide/correct your mistakes and evaluate your work
- No certificate

Course Contents

01 How to Take Great Pictures with any Camera (76:00)
02 What Camera to Buy - All Cameras Explained (19:00)
03 Post Processing - Why is it Important (5:00)
04 How to Take Care of your Camera and Lenses (11:00)
05 Editing in Adobe Lightroom Classic
06 Shooting MilkyWay and Star Trails - Complete Guide (9:00)
Feedback session recordings.

Masterclass with Great Photographers

Nature and Wildlife

Nature - Butterfly Photography Isaac Kehimkar - The Butterfly Man of India
Nature - Bird Photography - Sriram Reddy
Nature - Macro Photography - Venkatesh Penjuri
Nature - Macro Photography with Yuwaraj Gurjar
Nature and Wildlife Photography by Masood Hussain
Nature and Wildlife Photography with Hemant Kumar
Nature and Wildlife Photography with Ismail Shariff
Nature and Wildlife Photography with RV Swethakumar Rangarao

Landscape Photography

Landscape and Himalayas Photography with J Ramanan
Landscape Photography with Prasad Malgaonkar
Landscape Photography with Sathyaprasad Yachendra

Documentary Photography

Documentary and Festival Photography - Pandharpur Wari
Documentary Photography - Udayan Sankar Pal

Street Photography

Street Photography - Bhaskar Kundu
Street Photography with SA Ramesh

Other Genres

Wedding Photography - Amar Ramesh
Travel Photography - Vivek Gowda
Astrophotography with Santanu Majumder


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+ Well structured
+ Support of a Mentor for any guidance.
+ Proven results within a timeline.
+ Physical meet in select cities (currently in Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad)
+ Live Zoom sessions for Q and A
+ Lifetime access

For more serious and committed people -

Personal 1:1 Coaching

For undivided attention and the quickest learning at your convenient time.
- Expensive @Rs.2000/- per hour (online or offline)
+ You can learn specific to your needs in the quickest possible time. 


Most Popular! 5-day Online Photography Course (Only Rs.999/- for a limited time)

+ Very affordable
+ Certificate
+ Great course to start with
+ Prerecorded, do at your own pace.
+ Live review and feedback session.


The Complete Photography Course  - From Zero to Hero

Are you one of them?

▶️ You love shooting with your DSLR but are disappointed with the pictures you take.
▶️ You got a new DSLR and don't know how to get started
▶️ You own a DSLR, know the ‘BASICS’, but still can’t take awesome pictures.
▶️ You learned from Youtube or from a friend and realize something is missing.
▶️ You want to explore Photography as a hobby or as a source of income, don’t have a camera, and don’t know where to start.
▶️ You want to learn to edit your pictures but don't want to spend too much time on it.

This course is perfect for you.

HYBRID (Mix of Online and Offline) Photography Courses

+ Covers everything, Will make you a pro
+ Pre-recorded, do at your own pace
+ Live feedback and review sessions


01. Basics of Photography
For Cellphone and dSLR owners. This course will cover Lighting and Composition, the two most important elements to take a great picture.

02. Advanced Photography
This course will help you with controlling the technical settings on your camera like Shutter, ISO and Aperture. Some phones also have these features.

03. Editing in Adobe Lightroom Classic
This course will help you organise your images and make the most of your images by cooking them well.


No prior experience with the camera is required.

No age limit - Anyone and everyone can join.

5000 Successful Participants since 2011
More than 5000 students have done these courses and are successful photographers.

Lifetime support through email, fb and WhatsApp groups.


We do Photowalks in Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad where you can meet Ssaurabh other people and learn from them.

Community-based learning both online and offline.


About the Mentor - Ssaurabh A Chatterjee

Ssaurabh is the Founder and Chief Educator at SIA Photography. His dream is to See India and to make every Camera-owner a great Photographer. 

Through his Online Courses, 1:1 Sessions, Photowalks, and Photo-Tours, he has been sharing his knowledge with photography enthusiasts since 2011. He also provides short-term and long-term mentorship programs for serious Photography enthusiasts who want to take it as a passion or profession.
SIA stands for Shutter, ISO, and Aperture - the three aspects that control the exposure of a picture. SIA in Persian means something that brings joy and that is what photography for us is all about. With over 50 Photography Workshops and 100+ photo walks annually, SIA Photography is one of the most active Photography groups in India.
Since 2011, we have trained more than 5000 people across the globe.
600+ of his pictures have been published in several national and international publications including the National Geographic Traveller, Lonely Planet, Timeout Explorer (UK), The Times (London, UK)

He was awarded

  • Honorary Fellow ICS (HON.FICS) by Image Colleague Society, International USA July 2020
  • Nomination - Top 10 Most Influential People in Photography by Asian Photography magazine in 2018.
  • Nomination - ICIT Photography Awards 2018 by Innovative Council of Indian Tourism (ICIT)
He has conducted Photography workshops at :
Kingston Camera Club, UK (estd.1893), Telangana Photographic Society, Photographic Society of Madras, BITS Pilani, Hyderabad, VIT Vellore, Vellore, SRM University, Chennai, St. Aloysius College, Mangalore, Koti Women's College, Panineeya Institute of Dental Sciences, Hyderabad, Nalsar University of Law, Hyderabad, ICAT Design and Media College, Chennai and Bangalore, Mahindra Ecole Centrale College, Hyderabad, Oakridge International School, INDUS International School, CHIREC Public School, IndiBloggers
And at
Samsung India, Tamron India, Wells Fargo, Hyderabad, SONY SLT cameras, Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC), Mumbai, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, Mytrah Energy, Hyderabad, United Health Group, Hyderabad, BHEL, Hyderabad, Laqshya Media(Hyderabad), Novartis Healthcare(Mumbai and Hyderabad) Sterling Infosystems(Mumbai), GHAC, Hyderabad


Why should I do this course when there are so many FREE resources available?

You are right, there is already a lot of free resources available on YouTube.

However, these are some questions that you need to think about -
Are you receiving a Certificate?
Is the content well-structured?
Are you sure about the information being provided?
Is it backed by some support or guidance?
Is the trainer an experienced photographer? You must check out his portfolio before you decide.
How much experience does the trainer have in teaching?
How is the feedback from the previous students?
Finding the right content is like searching for a needle in a haystack. It can be very confusing as different YouTubers might have different opinions.

If you want to learn through trial and error, YouTube is the best, but if you want to take your skills to the next level in a minimum time, it's best to have someone help you.

Is there any local community I can join to take pictures together?

Yes, this is one big advantage of getting associated with us. You can join our local community in your city and participate in the activities. You can go out shooting together and learn from each other. Currently, we have communities in Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad with more than 5000 members.

Is there any online help group I can join?

Yes, of course! We have groups on Facebook and WhatsApp where you can get your questions answered.
Is there a money refund policy?
No, we do not have a money refund policy. You can join our Live courses to get an idea before joining. You can also see our reviews on social media to get an idea.

Can I share the course with multiple people?

This course is only for ONE person. Only the purchaser can participate in the Q and A sessions which are very important for your progress. Else it becomes like another online course.

However, you can gift a course to someone. We also have an Affiliate program and you can earn up to 50% commission for the sale. You can actually recover the cost of the course by referring to two persons. Please get in touch if you want to become an affiliate.

Is a DSLR required for this course?

For the Basics of Photography - No. Even a cellphone camera owner will be benefitted.

For Advanced Photography - Yes, you need a camera that has Manual controls (DSLR or mirrorless camera) Some phones also have these features.

For the Lightroom Classic Editing Course - You need a computer with the software installed.

What after this course?

After doing all these three courses, you can get in touch with me, I can guide you on what to do next based on your interest and preference. We take these and many other questions in our LIVE sessions.

Are you still thinking?

Trust me, it will be the best decision of your life. 5000 people have already done this course and are now successful Photographers.

This offer is valid only for a limited time.

SIA Photography Courses Reviews and Feedback

5 Day Photography Course Feedback

▶️ Great workshop. Cleared all basics of phone photography, many myths busted, many concepts cleared. I am amazed at how the quality of my photos upgraded within a week. The BEHIND THE SCENES sessions literally took me inside the mind of one of the best photographers of India. I'm definitely taking up advanced courses with Ssaurabh. Thanks for this class!

▶️ I did an online basic photography with sir recently. And I saw a huge difference in my approach of taking pictures right after attending 2-3 classes. That was super helpful. Also the way sir reviewed all of our pictures that we used to send him and tell us what he would have done with the picture and how it could be better. Not to forget the things I learned from all others who were attending the class with me. It helped me learned so many new approaches and how to look at things differently. Thank you sir for the class and I would definitely join more advanced courses in the future whenever I am free and ready to learn more.

▶️An excellent course for all photography enthusiasts! Saurabh is a master photographer and and he poured his past and recent learnings of this art form into the five day course. I joined the course with three of my friends and we have all come out armed with inspiration, awareness, new skills and many simple usable tools.

▶️ This is the first time I learnt more about photography on a mobile. The sessions were around reviewing photographs , understanding nuances of photographs and using snapseed. It involved sharing your photos which makes the theory and then later practical session translate into a better understanding. My journey with Saurabh started in 2018 when I just signed up as reading books on how to do photography became too much for me to digest and more importantly learning to apply it practically. His teaching is simple and practical. His photo walks were a best way to apply that knowledge. In the pandemic ,we are learning online trying to do best we can and this session has taken me to a new area of using a phone to do photography- using gridlines etc which I was not aware of. My learning still continues as it stops in between due to work but with Saurabh I keep getting the inputs and a true guide in this vast field of photography.

▶️ I'm an old student of Saurabh and because of him I'm into wildlife photography. Saurabh is one-of-his kind with indepth knowledge about photography. Recently my wife and daughter joined his 5-day mobile photography course and they're so excited about their newly acquired knowledge about photography. All thanks Saurabh. If you want to get into photography or enhance your knowledge about the same, Saurabh is the man!

▶️ Hi Ssaurabh This is one of the best online courses that I have ever attended.. Thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions.. I have started seeing photos differently.. There's awareness now at every step.. before shooting and also while shooting.. The assignment where you made us caption the pictures was another highlight.. which made us think even after shooting.. What a perfect way to make us Mindful.. Thank you soo much for sharing such great insights.. I recognize all the efforts you took in recording and creating the content and then sharing the screen.. Perfectly simplified.. I can sum it by saying.. the intent and the content was straight from the heart..Immense Gratitude..

▶️ Joined the 5 day class on Mobile phone photography, and what a revelation it has been. Most of us buy high end smart phones but rarely do we get into understanding what it can deliver, which is very similar to a camera! Saurabh simplifies the technical aspects which are strongly supported by his easy to understand videos, which make the learning simple. Look forward to doing more courses with him to understand, and walk this new world of photography.

▶️ Because of this 5 days mobile photography class, I learned how to compose pictures even beautifully and learned how to with my phone with snapseed and the important thing I leaned is managing targeted time. Thanks brother! I definitely want to recommend this class to my friends too. I'm looking forward to do more advanced classes. I wanna learn more about dslr photography too 🙏🏻

▶️ Learnt a lot about composing and editing on mobile phone! Would definitely recommend your class to my friends! Really keen also to do an offline class with my dslr for landscapes and monuments!

▶️ To be frank before starting this course I was less interested in taking photos. But I was always amaze how others take better pictures from mobile. 😃 Aftet doing this course I too got confidence that I too can take better picture. Here are some examples after training. 😊

▶️ Thanks, Saurabh for explaining n showing all the tricks.

▶️ It's a great opportunity to learn how to take beautiful pictures without DSLR, and take great pictures with mobile camera in a simple way shoot like PRO. I definitely recommend SIA for my friends family members, my heartful thanks to Saurabh sir for giving this opportunity to us. And the story of every photo. The way of capturing, light, editing. Thank u Sir.

▶️ Keep making us inspired sir , I am very much delighted with ur work. And I am happy that i learned new things from you. I'll suggest ur class to other friends too . ♥️

▶️ It was an insightful sessions covering very basic photography skills. Learnt a lot of details and different ways to look at thing while taking a photograph. A slight change of angle, light and for that matter black and white images.. Thank so Saurabh sir for all the 5 days you spent on reviewing our images and also teaching us.. 🙏🏻

▶️ I'm so glad I signed up for the 5-Day Photography Course by Saurabh. The objective to get our basics right and to show what wonders we can do just with our phones was the highlight of this course.

▶️ To me, these five days have broadened my perspectives and have taught me to see the mundane in a new light!

▶️ I only wish I had attended this course much before. But like they say, just as it's never too early, it's never too late! Thank you, Saurabh. :)

▶️ Thank you very much Sir🙏 Sorry I couldn't attend all sessions but whichever I attended that was very amazing and in detail.

▶️ You taught and explained very well. Thank you once again🙏

▶️ Thanks, Saurabh sir for your detailed explanation with your own examples. Each and everyone has participated with a lot of enthusiasm and shared their photos with the group. A lot to learn from my fellow group members as well 👏🏻👏🏻

▶️ Definitely recommend the course to my friends. First of all, let my pictures create interest in them.

▶️ Thank you sir for teaching us how to photo and thank you for teaching us the technics in photography.

▶️ Thank you, Saurabh, for conducting the workshop and being a passionate teacher to share his knowledge globally. Have been looking for such insightful sessions on photography. Though was not able to attend all of them but I will definitely go through recordings and make sure I work on skills taught. Changing grid, focus, and so on, very basic technique yet help to capture beautiful pictures. You are doing a great job!🙌 More power and good luck to you💪🏻

▶️ Thank u for the wonderful class. Learnt a lot

▶️ Often when I see beautiful photos I'm always intrigued about how they must've been captured. It was through this course I understood the secrets of it. One of the most important takeaways for me through this course was the importance of post-processing a photo. My approach towards editing has completely changed after I realised how necessary it is to the process. I'd also want to appreciate the effort taken in explaining the entire process of capturing a photo in detail starting from the basics like how to hold your camera correctly to the edit. Thank you for sharing all the knowledge so candidly.

▶️ I loved it, had been really inspired by you work since 2016, to learn your perspective on seeing things before taking a shot is remarkable.

▶️ Hi Sir, Thank you, and had a great time learning about photography. i am new to photography and learnt a lot.

▶️ Thank you so much for the time and explaining the basics showing practical. I will ensure that I put all the knowledge into future photographs. Thanks again for the time and knowledge sharing 🙏🙏

▶️ Now I know some of the secret ingredients in the amazing shots that Saurabh captures in his photography! ;-) The expert inputs around the rules and tips for better visualizing, capturing, and editing the photos are very valuable and should be known to anyone who likes to click photos. Sir really pushed every participant to do the assignments and this coupled with his thorough feedback on the clicked pics will enable us all to click better pictures going forward. Thanks a ton again!! Looking forward to further learnings and growth in photography with you 😊

▶️ Saurabh Sir This course is a lot for us to real perspective about the picture its imagination, contains, angle, light, way to shoot. It gives us totally new perception to look at the picture. Thank you very much.

▶️ Best part of this course was more practical knowledge shared than theory.

▶️ Every minute was interesting and time well spent 👍

▶️ Also not to forget the way sir went through all our pictures sent in the group explaining how and what could be changed and redone was very helpful too.

▶️ I liked the first three sessions very much. I realised how gross I had been. 99% of them taken using a mobile.

▶️ Thank you very much for your excellent class.i liked the reviews of each and every picture you went through and learnt many tip of photography and editing

▶️ It was a wonderful learning sir. This changed my perspective of capturing a photo. This course has taught me different techniques to capture that perfect moment more effectively.

▶️ Thank you sir.. I really had high expectations with this course and it has actually met with my expectations...positioning of mine not very well but now I can truly say that after this I can click better pictures. Thank you so much sir🙏🏻

▶️ Thank you for a wonderful session. As I mentioned, have learnt to observe minutely, both the ordinary and the ornate. Hadn't realised how important post-processing was! And most importantly, have tried to drill into the mind that one should determine what you want to convey through the photograph and then ease out the distractions in the path.

▶️ Thank you so much sir. It was a very good session for the beginners like me. I have never thought of the perspective to take any photo till now and had an impression of taking any subject in the middle but the rule of thirds is amazing. This is very first thing I learnt in the beginning. Then the journey of 5 days started interesting day by day. Specially your patience to review of all our photos. Thank you so much 🙏🏻

▶️ Sir Very Thankful to you. For Sharing your Experience with us and learnt so many things. From Framing to Post Processing, Composition Using of Shadows. Love to join your next level of courses.

▶️ Sir, before this class I was clicking pics according to my eyes, which were suiting to my eyes. But really grateful to you that I have learnt lots of technical knowledge on photography, like the selection of topic, composition, editing and lots of things, my perspective to see anything has been changed within these days.. Thank you very much sir 🙏

▶️ Thank you everyone for inspiring with so many pictures. Learned a lot from all of you. 🙏🙏🙏 And thank you Saurabh sir for these 5 days. This was one very good decision that I took and joined this class.

Zero to Hero Photography Course Feedback

▶️ I have been a photographer since a while but not a consistent one. This course ignited my passion again and the way Mr Saurabh has taken the sessions, carefully analysing the participants' efforts on clicking the photographs and reviewing them is commendable. Really recommend to everyone if you are interested in basic and advanced photography.
Kiran Sistla

▶️ It's a great place to learn photography at SIA Photography. I had learnt a lot from workshops conducted by Naveen sir📸. Saurabh sir has immense knowledge on photography and an amazing trainer.. Will recommend him to everyone who is new to photography.
Ponnala Saicharan

▶️ Saurabh is an amazing trainer.. Its a different thing to have knowledge about something and impart training on the same.. He has both the knowledge and knows exactly how to get down to the basics and make his students understand the truly beautiful world of photography.
Its not just the classes that help, he is always available if u need his expertise. From buying a camera to becoming a pro he is there for u and with u.
I'm glad I was able to learn about photography from the master himself.
Abhishek Mehta

▶️ My journey at SIA began a few years ago with Adobe Lightroom training session. Recently I've started attending photowalks regularly with street Photography which is absolutely new to me. These photowalks are a great source of learning through hands on experience and experimenting with mentors like Saurabh and Naveen. Best part is, the learning is constant and consistent even after the photowalks with peer reviews.
Overall a great experience and I strongly recommend SIA as the best place to learn and enjoy photography.
Thanks to Saurabh and Naveen 😊
Krishna Priya

▶️ Perfect hands on photo walks for amateur level to seasoned photographers. It is one thing to excel at your job but a different ball game to be able to teach and Mr. Saurabh is brilliant at both. He is knowledgeable, passionate about his work, clear and concise in explaining. The technical and artistic components got easier for me attending the photo walks along with “seeing” my birth place in a new light. Photo walks are a great way to learn and practice your photography skills and every walk ends in a perfect review session.
Thank you Mr. Saurabh for helping me to make memorable pictures.
Preeti Jahagirdar

▶️ Besides being a great photographer, Saurabh is that rare breed of teachers who are patient, passionate and competent at the same time. He simplified the principles of photography for the novice, gave constructive feedback and made each of the 50 people in the workshop feel enthusiastic about taking up photography seriously. I would highly recommend anyone who is considering learning how to click better pictures to attend his class
Anvita Pandiya

▶️ I was fortunate to attend Saurabh sir's class on photography. It was an amazing experience. He is a great coach with sound knowledge on photography. Now I am confident to use my camera and got to know more on photography. I recommend SIA for photography course.
Bindiya Balan

▶️ The vision of Saurabh’s SIA photography is “To make every camera-owner a Great Photographer”. I felt like its a promise from you after I join your workshop. Many people are recognizing me as a great photographer because of your knowledge sharing in your workshop, field trips and constructive criticism on our work.
It’s been more than five years when I had the workshop with you but I still remember it. That is the power of your teaching. No Doubt you are my great teacher in photography.
Satish Chelluri

▶️ Saurabh is a good photographer and a great tutor. I would recommend everyone who wants to learn photography be a part of SIA.I am enjoying being a SIA photography group member.The photo walks conducted after the workshop give us hands on experience in learning more about the photography practicals.He takes well care in teaching and see that we get into the subject.
HLF - Hamsa Lekhha Films

▶️ Saurabh is incredibly gifted not only as a photographer but also in guiding amateurs in the right direction. I attended his beginner's workshop and Lightroom basics workshop and both laid fundamentals that have always stayed with me. His guidance helped me hone my photography immensely and forever grateful for that. Highly recommend SIA photography workshops!
Trishnanta Kanjilal

▶️ Recently I have attended my first class. Saurabh is very good at teaching photography relate subjects. He also helped me with best camera settings during photo walk. I am enjoying being a SIA photography group member.
Prabhu S

▶️ SIA is the right choice to start clicking pics.Saurabh Sir is very articulate and explains the basic aspects in a very simple lucid manner. He knows the pulse of photography thus is able to understand where the new photographer can face difficulties. He makes the learning fun ,empowering you to be confident behind the camera.
The right place for beginners and amateurs to get insight and guidance .Even passionate photographers also can avail his expertise to be better.
SIA is a platform group where photographers can come together and share their experiences.
So I urge all photography enthusiasts to join his class to feel confident comfortable clicking great memories.
Thank you Sir.
S Mishra

▶️ Saurabh Chatterjee is a very good photographer. His classes are great to attend. Had a nice time learning. The photo walks conducted after the workshop give us hands on experience in learning more about the photography techniques.
Ershad Mohammad

▶️ I had the pleasure training with Saurabh in a latest workshop. I cannot tell you how invaluable my experience has been. he provided a great deal of focus to helping me understand the camera. He's so passionate about the subject and totally committed- you could sense this from start! by the end of the course I gained confidence in my camera work and style. While I have only participated in one workshop so far I have been able to apply the knowledge to every shoot and assignment I've had since. Invaluable information from a top-notch professional. I will be returning to increase my repertoire.
Sahana David Menon

▶️ Saurabh is that kind of a mentor who not only teaches you but encourages you to experiment and learn from your mistakes. He has a deep understanding of photography concepts and has an excellent way of sharing his knowledge in layman terms. His teaching approach of classroom(theory/practical) along with the photo walks (on field experience) and critique on SIA photogs is more than sufficient for anyone who wants to get their photography to the next level.
Sowjanya Talamarla

▶️ I went all way from Bangalore just to attend Saurabh's workshop and I am happy that I have taken the right decision. Saurabh's skills as a photographer is known to the whole world... But what makes this person special is that he likes to share his knowledge and experience as a photographer to all other photography enthusiasts. A little bit of passion for photography from your side is enough.. You will get wings to your passion after attending the session.. Highly Recommended...

▶️ Sia photography group along with mentor Saurabh Chatterjee has been responsible for mentoring and training so many photography enthusiasts in Hyderabad and Pune region. I have personally attended their classes many times and they are a wealth of knowledge . Thanks SIA for bringing all of us together !
Saayon Chakrabarti

▶️ It's a great place to learn photography at SIA. I would recommend everyone who wants to learn photography. They are very much user friendly. At any point of time you can reach them and they are happy to help you. About Saurabh sir, he is just genius!!! Very down to earth person. I'm very happy with this institution.
Sovan Patra

▶️ I started my photography learning from Saurabh and he is a great teacher to learn from. A very patient teacher who will teach you right from the basics to the high end learning. The photo tours are also a great way to practically explore the theory learnt in class and also get to know some handy tips. Also we get reviews on the photos we take,by the whole group,so we can know where we are going wrong and where we are right. So overall if you want to start learning photography,Saurabh is the go-to man, because everyone has knowledge,but very few are ready to share it with others.
Merlyn Maladicta

▶️ I attended Saurabh's Basics of Photography class. I had just purchased a DSLR and had little understanding of the nuances of photography with it Saurabh is a great teacher of photography. The class lasted about 7 hours and was informative to say the very least. There is a hands-on component to it as well, in the end.
The slides and presentations are detailed and entertaining. What I liked most was that Saurabh would also help you in critiquing photos that you took so that you know where the flaws are and where could you have done better. Just a suggestion, I would love it if Saurabh could evaluate photos that participants took and explain how he could've done it better.
He also went through some of his most popular photos and explained us the camera configs that resulted in them.
In the end, I was left with some rules of thumb for general-purpose photography and had a much better understanding of my DSLR than before. The self-starter that I am, I preferred this method to an arduous reading of DIY Photography books. While I haven't gotten a chance to put them to use that much, I am hoping to change that. I might join for a refresher class, which is free-cost for someone who has already taken one before (thanks for this, Saurabh) and might join in for photowalks.
Would highly recommend Saurabh's photography class to anyone who is new to it, please keep up the good work.
Sud K

▶️ A hands-on teacher to explain the photography in the simplest yet result-oriented ways! A very humble soul who has all the patience on earth to explain and review each photograph you click as a part of his assignments. These assignments are his way of making us experiment, explore and learn the silent facets of the trade. His virtual classes, youtube videos and photo reviews are simply a testimony of his yearning to impart all his knowledge to as many learners as he can. His affordable class rates also stand testimony to that. I am looking forward to meeting Sir in person, and learn much more in his company during a tour with him to explore my Motherland.
Thanks a lot to Our Sacred Space for providing me with this opportunity.
Thank you, Sir, dil se!
Anupama R

▶️ Saurabh is an excellent coach. Very clear with his approach and has a simple way of explaining even the most technical aspects.

He is very patient and accommodating. Makes sure every student in his class is on the same page before moving on to the next topic.

After all the research for a Photography coach, I’m glad I ended up at SIA!!
Gurpal Lail

▶️ Awesome way of Learning Photography is With Saurabh!!!

▶️ First of all, I would like to thank Saurabh for teaching us bits and bytes of Photography, starting with a theory session to many filed trips, yes all of these have made a lot of difference in how I look at things and how I present. Sessions actually made me understand what photography means and an art involved in it. I used to click wherever and whenever I go since my college days but these sessions have in fact added a lot of meaning to my long time passion which I pursue as a hobby. A lot lessons by sharing of knowledge and experience, through personal conversations as well as optimum use of social media.

I am very much fortunate and happy to have him as my mentor. On a personal note, Saurabh is a gem in all dimensions, a truly humble person and he is always ready to give everything he knows to his students / friends. Last but very important point, he has a burning desire for photography and teaching, so yes this quality will inspire you a lot and will actually make you go to your edges.

Thanks again,
Mahesh Pardeshi

▶️ I attended the basics of photography first and then attended my first field trip. The experience is overwhelming. Sourabh Sir is such a good mentor who let's you be yourself and also helps you improve as a person and photographer. If you're someone interested in photography and want to explore, SIA is the best place to go. I'm looking forward to more field trips.
Manjusha Bopanna

▶️ Hello Photographers! Here I am sharing my experiences in SIA Photography. So first I want to say a bit about Saurabh Sir (trainer). Who created such a next level history in photography from past 2 decades and such a enthusiastic photographer I ever met and I think upto today's date he travelled more than 20 times from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to only share his travel photography experiences and knowledges with us. Also he own so many national level awards in photography. etc....
Basically i attended Lightroom course which is very helpful for me and the way he explained in-depth knowledge of Lightroom techniques i didnt even find in internet. from basic level to expert level he explained each n every part of Lightroom. Also I learned all photographic techniques like panning, light trials with practically implementations and also how to take photos in streets like all thease. So I am saying a big thanks to Saurabh sir who made me a camera owner to photographer. 😊
Ranjan Satpathy

▶️ The best thing about Sia photography workshop is theoretical knowledge (knowing the camera , technical details and functionality of each feature on it in detail with little hands-on in the classroom training) along with practical implementation of the gained knowledge in the scheduled photo walks every week. These are limit less, we can attend any no. of walks as we can , till we get perfection. That's about workshop which is worth the every penny you spend.

Now about trainers, Saurabh is an excellent teacher with simple teaching style, yet assured immense knowledge gain for novices as well.

Photo walks are often lead by Naveen Janga and sometimes Saurabh. Each photo walks comes up with different concept of photography which are pretty interesting. The trainer's guidances, feedback, concepts, perspective of capturing things are impeccable. The learning curve always goes up when photo walk with Sia team.

Happy to be part of it !!!!!!
Radhika B

▶️ Saurabh sir makes understanding concepts of photography easy and provides insights which can not be found in books or online. His photo walks are awesome and is an amazing platform to apply the concepts and techniques he explained in classroom. By attending his classes I got what they do not teach in photography schools/workshops.
Ravi Teja

▶️ SIA photography's Saurabh is the one who taught me ABCs of photography and how to do post processing. I'm deeply indebted to him for his wonderful photography coaching. I strongly recommend anyone not to miss his coaching if you want to master the art of photography.
Prasanna Kumar Mamidala

▶️ I had a chance to attend photography workshop today and to learn from Saurabh sir. It was awesome experience and got to know many technical details and techniques that will really help in taking good pictures. I always thought I knew basics but it was just peak of mountain...there is a lot. Sir explained things in such a simple way that anyone can easily understand.

After attending session today I really feel that photography can be learnt in a day. I strongly recommend to attend workshop and give your passion new wings.
Viral Buddh

▶️ Are you new to photography and want to learn? Then SIA Photography is one of those place where you can excel your skills. Saurabh is one of most talented and most awarded photographer and a photography trainer who has a very unique style of teaching photography and it’s really awesome.

Apart from photography classes, SIA also conducts weekend photowalk where one can learn photography in a practical way. Thanks to Naveen our mentor, who always have a great passion towards photography and finding new places across hyderabad for weekend photowalks.

All I’d say is this is a great place to learn photography!!
Abhishek Ivaturi

▶️ I have attended "Basics of Photography" workshop conducted by Saurabh, so I will speak for that,
It's an amazingly workshop and is curated neatly to give you knowledge of not just Technical aspect of Photography but also artistic aspect of it , with hands-on experience with your Camera. Saurabh is a great mentor.
Also, I highly recommend the photowalks organised by SIA Photography. The learning experience is great.
Neloy Dutta

▶️ I learnt my first formal photography lesson from saurabh and went on my best photography trip also with him. I have joined him in a few photo walks and learn from his talks and his blog about travel, passions, photography and how to make a living doing what one loves to do.
He's great as a teacher, fantastic as a travel planner and very convincing as a photo-crazy person. 😊
Give his class a try, or a trip with him. You won't regret it.
Korak Dutta

▶️ I did a two week course st SIA photography and it was a very educative, fun experience for me. Saurabh is extremely patient and takes special effort to share his love for the lens. I enjoyed the weekly outdoor sessions as it opened up my eyes to beautiful sights in my own city! A must try for all photography enthusiasts.
Shilpa Raj

▶️ If you are looking for a serious career in photography. Best part is how you learn basics and I give you assurance SIA Photography is the best place.
Here you have got lots of advantages. Attend the one day workshop and there you go a life time student with SIA Photography.
Regarding the instructor and founder I should say a very humble person who is always ready to answer any silly question n number of times with the same simple smile he answers with patience.
Hence I recommend go for it. No doubt about it.
Navalore Gopish

▶️ Fantastic photographer!! Amazing teacher!! Extremely patient!! And on top of it, Wonderful Person...!! I have been following Saurabh since 2013, sine I attended his workshop first time in Novartis. That completely changed my style to click the photographs. Before I met him, the camera was controlling me, but after attending his workshop, now I can say that, I am fully controlling the camera. Anytime, I call him for any doubts on photography or to receive the feedback about my photos, he always ready to give the answer without any hesitation with his constructive feedback. I would request everyone who is having the interest in photography to join his one of the workshops or one of the photo walks and believe me, you will start to imagine your thoughts through the photography and to convert your dreams of photography into the reality.
Dr. Vishal Shah

▶️ Hi All, Workshops are great way to learn, be it anything, as they provide good information and great hands-on. Saurabh's Photography workshop provides great knowledge from basics to high level information. He helps from the camera settings to composition during the workshop and also provides great tips during the field trips. A lot can be learnt from the SIA Photogs FB page, where you can post, get tips, suggestions, ideas. Thanks Saurabh for allowing me to be part of SIA family.
Swaroop Adepu

▶️ Saurabh is not only highly talented but also he keen to impart his knowledge to his students of Photography. I have no doubts in my mind that SIA Photography will be the 'Go To' place soon, if not already, for all beginners in photography this part of India. I wish him all success.
Chandrasekaran Subramanian

▶️ Saurabh Is very welcoming and friendly. He got us through the session with so much of ease. Especially me being a beginner I found the basic class very useful. I unfortunately missed the photo walks that he conducts on weekends which would surely give more practical insights. If u are an amateur passionate photographer interested in the technicalities this is the place.
Deeptee Ch

▶️ I attended the basics and the Lightroom classes. I feel that its worth spending your time which will bring out the confidence and discipline of the photographer in you. Saurabh is down to earth guy who has a good skill and answers the questions with lot of patience. He has the passion to help with a great attitude. I also attended his meetups that are encouraging and you get to see others perspective of the subjects. Thank you Saurabh!!!
Raja Sekhar

▶️ SIA is an amazing place to learn photography. Its not like regular photography training institute with specific duration of the course and after that you are on your own. But once you join SIA, you are student of Mr.Saurabh lifelong.Field visits with Saurabh will make you better photographer. I personally felt its not a commercial entity but an NGO since Saurabh focuses more on learning than money unlike other trainers. There is something special about Saurabh's teaching. He is so passionate about photography and want to make every camera owner a photographer. We rarely find such person who is down to earth, sincere in his work. IF you have passion to learn Photography, SIA is the place to go.
Kiran Goud

▶️ As a practising surgeon,when I decided to learn photography, I was wondering where to join . After all learning photography was supposed to be a costly affair & cumbersome at the same time. But having invested in a Canon DSLR I had to take the plunge.I searched online & came across SIA Photography, dialled the number, came across Saurabh Chaterjee & the rest is history, for me, which changed my life. The amazing thing about Saurabh is his keen interest to teach, more than a person 's quest to learn. What I anticipated as a mere touch & go hobby turned into a passion, thanks to the mentor. If you compare other classes (which I now honestly admit I did for a price comparison) I am still amazed why the price is so low compared to the vast skills he inculcates in us to be photographers. Also the innumerable field trips that follow are useful to practice the theoretical skills you learn in the classroom. I am an avid reader & a vast collector of books & in the process added books on photography to my collection at home. But I have no qualms to admit that the skills you acquire in Saurabh Chaterjee 's class are certainly not obtained by reading books. With a soft-spoken & easily approachable personality I found Saurabh more as a friend, than a mentor that he is to me. On field trips, he is by your side clicking away as your friend, guiding you all the way as a part of the group.With his incessant encouragement I have my own photography page on facebook & I cherish my photos.What started as a mere learning of my camera controls, has now turned into an obsession, thanks to SIA. Now my teenager son is taking the plunge into the world of photography thanks to the profound influence of Saurabh Chaterjee. SIA PHOTOGRAPHY is now an inseparable part of our passion for photography. I always look forward to field trips as there is forever new to learn & explore.
Dr. Nitin Vohra

▶️ Saurabh's method of teaching is practical. He himself is a good photographer and makes it a point his students too become one. His class room and field trip sessions are always insightful and useful. I personally had a positive experience and learnt quite a bit.. and will always look forward to learn more from him.
Uma Devi

▶️ Saurabh's teaching methodology is very simple to understand. I highly recommended to his photography classes.
I have attended his basics of photography workshop and few photo walks. His on field guidance has improved my skills a lot.
Tulshi Naik

▶️ I attended a workshop on Photography by Mr Saurabh Chatterjee few weeks back. I must say Mr Saurabh is a great source of knowledge. He is quite down to earth and his eagerness to make the participants learn is amazing. If you love photography and want to learn from an expert, SIA photography would be a perfect choice for you. I am looking forward to be connected with Mr Saurabh and keep learning...
Suman Kumar Bhowmick

Saurabh is a great coach. What I really liked was his style of teaching. His strength is in his simplicity. He is able to get down to a layman's level and explain in such simple terms that you will remember the concepts for life, without any effort.

Even during the photowalks, he ensures that he spends enough time guiding, looking at your pics and giving feedback.

Great photographer and Coach!!!
Aarushi Rawat

▶️ Saurabh Chatterjee ji is a very good trainer and photographer. I attended classes Had a nice time learning. The photo walks conducted after the workshop give us hands on experience in learning more about the photography techniques.Photography is my passion and Iam regularly following Mr.Saurabh.postings and photography techniques.

Ultimately his awesome guy 👍🏻

🙏🏻 Bog Thanks to ...
SHivalkar Reddy

▶️ It has been almost a year that i've joined SIA. The amount of effort Saurabh sir puts in to take better pictures by his students is just amazing. Attending regular field trips has improved my photography. People who are interested in photography and wants to improve their skills, Saurabh sir is the best teacher anyone could ask for and SIA is the best institute for it.
Korukonda Srilakshmi Madhuri

There are lot of things to talk about Saurabh Chatterjee. The most I liked about him is that he has lot of patience in teaching and he, himself is an excellent and outstanding photographer. His outstanding photographs are published in lot of magazines and he owns so many awards in photography. And another most I liked is his photography tours in and around Hyderabad and across India. Tough I never join in his out of Hyderabad tours, but going to join him soon. He is one of my best buddy. I wish him all the best and good luck always.
Kishore PVK

▶️ Thank you Saurabh for the workshop.
Saurabh is not just an avid photographer but a very versatile guide and teacher. He could cover a variety of audience starting from enthusiasts, to beginerrs, to professionals in the same class and still do justice to all their questions. His classes are very enlightening cos they don't just teach you photography, but truly give you a new perspective of looking at even your routine things in life.
Rashmi Kurup


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