Golconda Fort is the oldest Landmark of Hyderabad. From the 14th century, it has been ruled by and shaped by kings of the different dynasties, the last being, the Qutb Shahi dynasty

I go there quite frequently taking visitors who join me for Tours in Hyderabad. If you are visiting Hyderabad, I can take you to the right places at the right time making the best use of your time. 

Golkonda Fort History

Who build Golkonda Fort

The Golkonda fort was built by the Kakatiya kings in 1143. At that time, it was a fort made of mud.
This fort has been ruled by many dynasties over the years. Eventually, it was under the control of the Qutub Shahi Dynasty ruler Quli Qutub Shah. In 1687, Mughal emperor Aurangzeb took control. It was a very difficult win for him


Golkonda, was made in such a way that it was impregnable. The story goes that he and his army camped below the fort for nine months and was still not able to capture it. Finally, with the help of a traitor from inside the fort, it was under seige.

Golkonda was famous for its diamond market and people used to come here from all over the world to buy them.

Golkonda Fort Timings

Golkonda Fort is open from 9 am till sunset.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to go here is in the morning. If you come to hear the moment it opens, you will find fewer people and can see it peacefully. Later it becomes very crowded.
The other best time is in the evening at about 4pm, an hour before sunset. You can see a lovely sunset from the top of the fort and then see the Light and Sound show.

Golconda Fort Light And Sound Show Timings

The first show which is in English happens every day 630pm onwards.
The second show which is in Hindi on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday start 745pm
On other days the second show is in Telugu.

Golconda Fort Entry Fee

The fee for Indians is Rs.15/- and Rs.200/- for foreigners.
Still Camera is free but a tripod is not allowed. Filming requires special permission and is insanely expensive.

How to reach Golconda fort?

The fort is conveniently located in Hyderabad, just 10 kilometers from Hi-tech city and 7 kilometers from Mehdipatnam. If you are visiting this place, you might also like to club it with Qutub Shahi tombs which is just 4 kilometers from here.

Estimated Time Required

To see the fort, you will need at least 60-90 mins to go all the way to the top and come back.


I generally take the right all the way to the top and get down from the other side completing all the places.
There are two ancient temples and a masjid inside the fort area.
Bonalu festival is celebrated here with a lot of fervor by the locals. A lot of animal sacrifice happens during that time. People offer sacrifices to the goddess and cook it and consume the prasad there.

Enjoy my Golkonda Fort Images...


Tips for photographers

Shoot the monument with people in them, they will make it more interesting. Avoid overlapping of subjects. Walk a lot and explore, there is a lot to see and photograph. Look for the play of light and shadows, it looks really amazing here.


Thanks to all the visitors to Hyderabad who chose me to take them around and to my students who joined me for my photo walks to this place.

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